MTAM 2018 Proposed Agenda

Hello, Beloved Faes:

Time for the More than Annual Meeting!

The Annual Meeting is coming right up, on the weekend of December 14-16, in Brattleboro.
CP has put together an agenda. We will be asking for consensus on Saturday morning, as usual. Don't forget that all plan-its and comets will need to prepare report-backs. Let everyone know all the work that you've done this year!

Please also register for the More than Annual Meeting on the website, to help us plan food. And let us know if you have travel questions.

* If you need copies of anything, please email them to me,, by Wednesday evening, Dec 12th, so that I can get them done.

Please forward this to all interested fae.

Thanks for the hard work you all do to keep Destiny running! See you soon!





6:00pm - Arrive at Hilltop

7:00pm - Potluck DINNER

8:00pm - Opening Heart Circle


8:30am - BREAKFAST

9:00am - Welcome (Facilitator: Feel Free) (5 min)

9:05am - Review of Consensus Process (15 min) (Facilitator: Doxie)

9:20am - Intentions for meeting (5 min) (Facilitators Miss BonBon & Ho-Ho)

9:25am - Review Agenda and Consent to Agenda (15min)

9:40am - Governance Report Backs/Updates (100 min) (Facilitator: Feel Free)
Money Plan-it (20 mins)
Fundraising Moon (10 mins)
Gathering Plan-it (10 mins)
Land Use Plan-it (10 mins)
Residency Plan-it (10 mins)
Design Comet (10 mins)
CORE (10 mins)
Media Comet (10)
Residents/Welcome Mats (10)
Consent Comet (none required)

11:20am - Pee Break

11:30am - Threat of harm and harm reduction during the gathering (Facilitator: Bon-Bon)
Opening a discussion, moving towards consensus at annual meeting.

1:00pm - Break for LUNCH (1 hr)

2:00pm - Core proposal (30min) (Facilitator: MulteForm)

2:30pm - Sex Magick on Gatherette Schedule (30min) (Facilitator: Feel Free)

3:00pm - Nurturing the planetary ecosystem (30min) (Facilitator: Doxie)

3:30pm - Break (15 min)

3:45pm - Work Block for Plan-Its (Facilitator: Doxie)

5:00pm - Gatekeeping and hospitality (60 min) (Facilitator: Ho-Ho)
Issue of individuals who may not be able to take care of themselves
Who is welcome when, and who decides? What does the Welcome Mats “harmony of the group” clause mean, and when might that be applied (short-term or longer-term visits)?
What happens when a resident cannot share space with visitors?
(Moving towards clarifying and a proposal at the annual meeting)

6:30pm - DINNER

Evening entertainment: GAME NIGHT! (bring games and instruments, we’ll bring the snax)


8:30am - BREAKFAST

9:00am - Reflections on residency; residency intention letters. (30min) (Facilitator: Doxie)

9:30am - What to do next with ACT 250...5 year plan
What are we building and when? (with $20,000) What is holding us back?

10:30am - Discuss moving next year’s MTAM earlier/to the Land (Facilitator: FeelFree)

11:00am - Phone-a-Thong/Database Management (Facilitator: HoHo) (90 mins requested)
Possible FB fundraiser
FB live?

12:30pm - Action Item list & Closing

1:00pm - LUNCH

2:00pm - Goodbyes then CLEAN UP