What is Faerie Camp Destiny?

In 1993, in the midst of the emerging Radical Faerie movement and the AIDS crisis, a faemily of Faeries rented a home on 38-acres in Northfield, Vermont. Named after the vanity plates on the car of the realtor, Destiny drew Faeries from near and far. They skinny-dipped in the pond, walked the woods, meditated, tended gardens, and, when the sun set, circled around a ritual fire to celebrate Vermont’s starry nights. Destiny became a destination, an ideal faerie sanctuary. But one day, the landowner sold the property, just like that. As the Destiny tribe packed, they vowed to recreate what they had lost. Faerie Camp Destiny was born, a vision for Faerie Sanctuary.

Today, Destiny is a 3-season intentional community in southern Vermont that hosts gatherings and educational offerings to help queer people cope and heal from a hostile Default World. Teaching includes life skills related to personal health and wellness, sexual health for queer and trans folk, chainsaw workshops, timberframing techniques, gardening and permaculture methods.. Ten of the 166 acres of reforested farmland are being collectively developed using sustainable building practices. The Sanctuary has ambling rock fences, hiking trails, a brook and a crazy view from the mountainside. One annual highlight is a weeklong ritual theater gathering which brings together radical faeries from all over the globe to create stage magic in the woods.

Destiny is a co-created queer space with rippling circles of community emanating from it over many years. As such, the community that resides in the Sanctuary is a “working community” together doing the chores, building the gardens and buildings, and holding a spiritual space. Destiny Faeries are ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between from various nationalities, backgrounds, cultures and religions. The bond is co-creating HOME in mutual love and respect honoring the divine in each of us.

Since 1997, the Faerie Camp Destiny faemily has developed over a mile of mountain road, built a timberframe and strawbale kitchen, three cabins, and a yurt. These developments provide shower and toilet facilities and living space for five to ten Faeries full-time during the summer as well as service gatherings of 50-70 attendees. There are luscious gardens and a new orchard. Currently, fund-raising is underway for the necessary infrastructure for year-round residency. This includes a solar electric system, heated living and dining spaces in the kitchen, and a heated cabin.

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Destiny is a non-profit, 501(c)3 educational corporation.